Dc-Bus Voltage Control With A Three-Phase Bidirectional Inverter For Dc Distribution Systems

Venkata Manikanta Guttula, B.D.S Prasad


In this paper a new energy management system has been proposed for three-phase bidirectional inverter with dc-bus voltage control. The advantage of this bidirectional inverter is that it can operate in both grid connection and rectification modes with power factor correction. The proposed control system take into account dc-bus capacitance and control dc-bus voltage to track a linear relationship between the dc-bus voltage and inverter inductor current. The inverter tunes the dc-bus voltage every line cycle, which can reduce the frequency of operation-mode change and current distortion. With the increase in the demand of renewable energy sources, placed important role in distributed systems. In this paper battery storage system has been proposed with DG system. Battery storage system will give additional support to the DG system and also helps in controlling the DC bus voltage. The simulation results have been presented using MATLAB/SIMULINK software. The simulation results validated for the rectification mode with battery storage. This system will improve the performance of the DG system.


Bidirectional inverter, capacitance estimation, dc distribution system, dc-bus voltage control, grid connection, rectification


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