Performance Improved Active Power Filter Using Fuzzy Based Adaptive Controller for Renewable Power Generation Systems

Malladi Lova Raju, B Krishna Chaitanya, Grandhi Ramu


An Active power filter implemented with a four-leg voltage-source inverter utilizing a predictive control scheme is introduced. The utilization of a four-leg voltage-source inverter permits the pay of current consonant parts, and in addition lopsided current created by single-stage nonlinear burdens. A point by point yet straightforward numerical model of the dynamic power channel, including the impact of the identical power framework impedance, is determined and used to plan the prescient control calculation. The pay execution of the proposed dynamic power channel and the related control plan under enduring state and transient working conditions is shown through reproductions results. As of late, fuzzy logic controller was connected for active power filter (APF) control application, as the APF is only a current controlled VSI. In this paper, a fuzzy logic based shunt APF is displayed in light of the compelling time idea. The viable time idea disposes of the trigonometric counts and part ID, along these lines it lessens the computational exertion. Reenactment results show the viability of the APF with the fuzzy logic based control procedure. Reproduction results are acquired for both PI controller and fuzzy logic controller and the outcomes are thought about. In the fuzzy controlled four leg inverter APF is utilized for power quality change.


Fuzzy Logic Controller, Active power filter, current control, four-leg converters, predictive control Harmonics, and Power Quality.


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