Vol 3, No 12 (2015)


Table of Contents


Spontaneous Assessment Packet Origination PDF [FULL TEXT]
B Prasuna, P Hema Venkataramana 1101-1106
The versatile routing in correspondence systems using Back Pressure based packet Algorithm PDF [FULL TEXT]
P Sitaramanjaneyulu, Kande Giri Babu 1107-1111
Design of an Optical Blood Pressure Sensor for Noninvasive monitoring of blood pressure PDF [FULL TEXT]
M Raghunath, venneti kiran, Srinubabu Aravapalli 1112-1117
A High Step Up Converter With A Voltage Multiplier Module For A Pv System PDF [FULL TEXT]
Suman Lakshmi Phani Madduri, Y.Raja Babu 1118-1124
Grid Connected Single Phase Rooftop Pv System With Limited Reactive Power Supply PDF [FULL TEXT]
Tota Sankara Rao, N Sirishna 1125-1129
A New Controlling Technique for Elimination Lower Order Harmonics In A Three Phase PV Inverter System PDF [Full Text]
Allam Veeranjaneyulu, Y.Raja Babu 1130-1138
A DCM Based PFC CUK Converter-Speed Adjustable BLDC Drive PDF [Full Text]
Apparao Bera, N. Sirisha 1139-1145
Analysis of ANN Based Active Power Filter Performance For Renewable Power Generation System PDF [Full Text]
Manasa Rupa Devi Moka, N Sirisha 1146-1153
Power Quality Improvement For PV/Battery Hybrid System Using Fuzzy Logic Controlling Technique PDF [Full Text]
Pavan Molleti, B.D.S. Prasad 1154-1159
Coupled Inductor Based H6 Transformer less Full Bridge Inverter For PV- Grid Systems PDF [Full Text]
Muralidhar Kosarllapudi, Y.Raja Babu 1160-1167
Implementation of A 15-Level Inverter With MMC Technique Using Facts Equipment PDF [Full Text]
Nageswara Rao Mulasa, N . Sirisha 1168-1176
A Neural Learning Strategy to implement Semantically Categorize Short Texts PDF [Full Text]
Nalluri. Srikanth, K. Hareesh Kumar 1177-1180
Thermal Analysis Of A Gas Turbine Rotor Blade PDF [Full Text]
Gollapothu Boyaraju, Sanmala Rajasekhar, A.V Sridhar, J.Hari Narayana Rao 1181-1187
Performance Improved Active Power Filter Using Fuzzy Based Adaptive Controller for Renewable Power Generation Systems PDF [FULL TEXT]
Malladi Lova Raju, B Krishna Chaitanya, Grandhi Ramu 1188-1193
Integrated Attestation Scheme for Scalable Distributed Services in Software-as-a-Service Clouds PDF [Full Text]
Pampana Satya Venkata Gowtham Raju, Md Imran 1194-1199
Blending Cloud Mode With Well-Balanced Recognised Redundancy Elimination Technique PDF [FULL TEXT]
Jasmine Sowmya Vemula, Shashikala Guvvala 1200-1203
Optimized Coefficients of Interpolation Filter To Adapt Statistical Property of Each Image PDF [Full Text]
B Durga Prasad, M Rama Krishna 1204-1206
Thermal Analysis of Exhaust Manifold Coating with High Temperature Resistant Materials PDF [Full Text]
K.V.V Durga Prasad, Sanmala Rajasekhar, K. Mohan Krishna, J.Hari Narayana Rao 1207-1212
Thermal Analysis to Estimate Heat Transfer From Heat Sink By Forced Convection Through Open Enclosure PDF [Full Text]
J Veerababu, Sanmala Rajasekhar, V.V Ramakrishna, 4Y.Dhana Sekhar 1213-1217
Design and Analysis of a Propeller Shaft in CAE tool and ANSYS PDF [Full Text]
Gara Bharat Kumar, M Manoj, P.Satish Reddy 1218-1230
Modeling and Thermal Conduction and Static Analysis of an IC Engine Piston using CATIA V5 Tool and ANSYS PDF [Full Text]
Sangeetham Sivakumar, Guru Murthy N, P.Satish Reddy 1231-1238
A Novel Method For Computing Top-K Routing Plans Based On Keyword-Element Relationship PDF [Full Text]
Galla Lakshmikanth, Md. Amanatulla 1239-1242
Evaluate the Key Management of Identity-Based Digital Signature To Routing In Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks PDF [Full Text]
Chiranjeevi Asu, Sudhir Varma Sagiraju 1243-1245
Design and Optimization of Fin Tube Evaporator By Varying Different Parameters PDF [Full Text]
Bansi Guduri, Bikkavolu Jogarao, J.Hari Narayana Rao 1246-1253
Significant Cumulative Cryptosystem for Accessible Data Distribution in Cloud Storage PDF [FULL TEXT]
S Jhansi, Ch Sekhar 1254-1260
Current Control Technique For Grid Connected Distributed Generation (DG) Resources Using ANN controller PDF [FULL TEXT]
S Sai Seshu Babu, S Shanmukha Sriram 1261-1269
Ann Based Distribution Static Compensator For Power Quality Improvement With Linear Sinusoidal Tracer Control Algorithm PDF [FULL TEXT]
K Lakshmi Narayana, K.V.V Satya Narayana 1270-1276
Pv Based Interline Dynamic Voltage Restoring Device For Mitigation Of Power Quality Problems PDF [FULL TEXT]
Gouse Mohiddin Khan, K Ashok Kumar 1277-1283
Adaptive Voltage Control Based Three-Phase Inverter Interfacing With Ultracapacitor For Renewable Energy Systems PDF [FULL TEXT]
V Surya Harish, B Subbi Naidu 1284-1290
Privacy enhanced and web based service composition PDF [FULL TEXT]
Bandaru Swamy Sri, U Vinod Kumar 1291-1295
Attribute Based Secure Military Data Retrieval System for Decentralized Disruption Tolerant Networks PDF [FULL TEXT]
Gubbala Siva Krishna, D Ramesh 1296-1300
Habitual Test Packet Generation And Fault Localization PDF [FULL TEXT]
KSNM Chaitanya, U Vinod Kumar 1301-1303
Efficient Data Access in Disruption Tolerant Networks Using Cooperative Caching with DRAMA PDF [FULL TEXT]
Nanduri Sruthi, K Lakshmi Priya 1304-1307
Location Privacy And Geo Based Applications PDF [FULL TEXT]
Yadlapalli S S Lakshmi Ramani, D Ramesh 1308-1313
A Passive LC Filter Based Harmonic Compensation for Multilevel Cascaded Inverters under Unbalanced DC Sources Using NVM Control Technique PDF [Full Text]
Bhargav kumar.G, Deepti Priyanka.S 1314-1324
A Novel Grid Current Compensator for Grid-Connected Distributed Generation under Nonlinear Loads with Fuzzy Logic Controller PDF [Full Text]
Shaik Roshna, Sk.Meera Shareef, M.Bala Subba Reddy 1325-1334
Performance Improvement of IUPQC in Distribution System under Abnormal Conditions Using PID PDF [Full Text]
N. Atchutha Madhuri, K. Arun Kumar, Ch. V. V. Manga Lakshmi 1335-1341
Spyware prevention using graphical passwords PDF [FULL TEXT]
Devaki Kranthi Kumar, U Vinod Kumar 1342-1348
Privacy Preservation and traceability support using Public Auditing Mechanism PDF [FULL TEXT]
Jayanthi Anusha, K Lakshmi Priya 1349-1353
Key logging Prevention by QR code with Visual Authentication PDF [FULL TEXT]
Kodiyala Devi Sireesha, D Ramesh 1354-1358
Scalable Data Sharing In Cloud using Public Key Cryptosystem PDF [FULL TEXT]
Madeti Mohana Krishna Kumar, S Madhri 1359-1361
A Secure and authorized Duplication model in Cloud Using multi-layered cryptosystem based PDF [FULL TEXT]
Meesala Venkata Nooka Raju, K Lakshmi Priya 1362-1365
Effective Resource Allocation in flexible Overlay Routing PDF [FULL TEXT]
Pendyala Manish Kumar, K Lakshmi Priya 1366-1369
A Novel Multi-keyword Ranked Search System In encrypted and Synonym Queries supported Cloud PDF [FULL TEXT]
Ramachandra Rao Netinti, S Madhri 1370-1373
A Authentication model to Trustees based Social Networks PDF [FULL TEXT]
Sravya Lakshmi Malyala, D Ramesh 1374-1378
Prevention of Sensitive Information by Enhancing Cloud Access Control PDF [FULL TEXT]
Swamy Mandapaka, D Ramesh 1379-1386
A new interline DVR with displacement factor improvement using fuzzy logic controller for voltage unbalance condition PDF [FULL TEXT]
Marpina Pratyusha, N Sirisha 1387-1392
BESS based Multi input inverter for Grid connected hybrid pv and wind power system PDF [FULL TEXT]
Seshadri Pithani, B,D.S Prasad 1393-1397
An Innovative Self-assurance Methodology for Challenging AI Problems in graphical passwords PDF [FULL TEXT]
Rajesh Bunga, K Rajesh 1398-1402
Concurrent and independent operations to the remote encrypted cloud database from many geographically distributed clients PDF [FULL TEXT]
Palika Surendranath, S Madhri 1403-1406
Photovoltaic System with Step Up Converter PDF [Full Text]
Bhushan Subhash Chaudhari, M. Mujtahid Ansari, Nilesh S. Mahajan 1407-1412
The Wireless frameworks consuming TDOA and FDOA Extents for Mobile Emitter Geolocation and Tracking applications PDF [FULL TEXT]
Anwar Mohammed, Babu K.Giri 1413-1418
Comprehend Performance of an 11-Level Inverter with FACTS Proficiency for Scattered Energy Methods PDF [FULL TEXT]
Nadisetty Sravan Kumar, R Srinivas Rao 1419-1424
Improved Converter Design Use of SHE-PWM for Harmonic Immunity in VSC HVDC Transmission PDF [FULL TEXT]
Narsupalli Gopala, R Srinivas Rao 1425-1432

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