Vol 2, No 10 (2014)


Table of Contents


Accessable and Confident allotment of Personal Health Records in the cloud PDF [Full Text]
Anil Alla, Ramanjaiah G 455-459
A New Algorithm for Distributed Generator (DG) Placement and Sizing for Distribution Systems PDF [Full Text]
Krishna Chaithanya U, Sreenivasulu M, Jan Bhasha SK 460-467
GSM & GPS Integrated With ARM Based Event Data Recorder for Accident Detection PDF [Full Text]
Ravi Kumar P, Jayasree K, Suvarna Kumari D 468-473
Discretion Preservative Itinerant Health Scrutinising By Haze Succour PDF [Full Text]
Jeevana Jyothi T, Mubeena Sultana SK 474-478
Enlightening Website Structure for Enabling Client Steering Effectually PDF [Full Text]
Nagakarhik D, Kusuma Tejaswini Potti 479-482
Interpreting Pursuit Outcomes from Data Web Bases PDF [Full Text]
Harinarayana P, Ramanjaiah G 483-486
Vigorous Component Built Data Controlling System PDF [Full Text]
Raghavendra Chunduri, Ayyappa Chakravarthi M 487-490
Imminent Rift Assortment Algorithm for Elevated Facet Data Using Wanton Collecting PDF [Full Text]
Rambabu Matta, Ayyappa Chakravarthi M 490-494
Scuttling Web Opportunities By Application Cramming PDF [Full Text]
Vijaya Sree Dhulipalla, Hanumat Prasad Alahari 495-498
Bridge Construction for New Broad Guage Line PDF [Full Text]
Md Ihtesham Ul Hasan, Sunandan Reddy, K Mythili 499-504
Evaluation of Seismic Response of symmetric and Asymmetric Multistoried Buildings PDF [Full Text]
Mohammed Irfan, Sunandan Reddy, K. Mythili 505-509
Seismic Analysis And Design of Cantilever Retaining Walls PDF [Full Text]
Shoeb Mohammed Sayeed, Sunandan Reddy, K . Mythili 510-514
A New Efficient Approach for Melioration of Power Quality in Grid Interfacing with PV/Battery Hybrid System PDF [ Full Text]
Vaibhav Kumar Vemula, Mallikarjun Reddy S 515-520
Implementation of Health Care Monitoring System using low power MCU’s and ARM CORTEX A8 PDF [Full Text]
R.V.V. Krishna, R. Gnana Vargin 521-525
On-Chip AHB Bus Trace Analyzer for Real Time Tracing With Lossless Data Compression PDF [Full Text]
N. Rajesh Babu, M .Srinu 526-531
Studies on organic acid based biotech nutrients to enhance Soil organic carbon (SOC) and grain yield in Maize (Zea Mays) crop PDF [Full Text]
P. Elisha, Rajesh Kumar Sharma 532-541
Evaluation of Geometrical Nonlinear Behaviour of FRP Composite Plate Using Finite Element Method PDF [Full Text]
Cheboyina Jeevitha, M. Mounika, P.Phani Prasanthi 542-546
Implementation of High Speed Area Efficient Fixed Width Multiplier PDF [Full Text]
G. Rakesh, R. Durga Gopal, D.N Rao 547-552
Judging Analogous Data Search In Resultant Web Databases PDF [Full Text]
Govinda Raju Kanna, Amanulla Md, Sayeed Yaseen 553-555
Probity and Speculations Yielding Model For Multi Clouds PDF [Full Text]
Gayithri Mantravadi, Pitchiah R 556-559
Identity Systematizing Conviction Model For Peer To Peer Systems PDF [Full Text]
Durga Bhavani K, Rajesh A 560-564
Impact Analysis of A Car Bumper Using Carbon Fiber Reinforced PEI And S2 Glass/Epoxy Materials By Solid Works Software PDF [Full Text]
Ayyappa Swamy GV, P Satish Reddy, Matta Manoj, P. Bhaskar 565-569
Effective Stint Harmonisation For Mobile In Marine Sensor Networks PDF [Full Text]
Gurram Anjaneyulu, O Srinivas 570-573
Huddling For Anonymization Of Compacted And Disseminated Public Systems PDF [Full Text]
P Eswaraiah, Pokuru Nagarjuna 574-576
An Energy Based Fuzzy Logic Dc-Link Voltage Controller For Three Phase DSTATCOM To Compensate AC Loads PDF [Full Text]
A. Ranganadh, V. Hari babu 577-584
Stashing Scope Afore Encoding For Revocable Data Spanking In Encoded Images PDF [Full Text]
Dasari Nagaraju, Alahari Hanumat Prasad 585-589
A Technique To Sieve Annoying Communications From Osn Client Walls PDF [Full Text]
Nagendla Venkateswarlu, Alahari Hanumat Prasad 590-592
Dispensing Iptv Amenities Through Simulation By Enhancing Cloud Possessions PDF[FULL TEXT]
T Manjula, P Harish Reddy 593-596
Enhancement of Micro Grid Power Quality with cascaded Voltage-Current control PDF[FULL TEXT]
B Gayathri, M Nagarjuna 597-605
An Approach to Knowledge Discovery by Data Harvesting PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Kiran kumar, B Srinivas 606-608
Role of Cloud Computing in Health Monitoring System PDF[FULL TEXT]
Sunkara Vaishnavi, Akula Suneetha 609-611
Implementation and Design of SHA-1 Algorithm PDF[FULL TEXT]
Chandra sekhar murala, M Purnasekhar 612-613
Pi Based Power Quality Enhancement Of Grid Connected Wind Energy System For Dc – Link Energy Storage System PDF[FULL TEXT]
K Janamma, K Sudheer, M Balasubbareddy 614-620
Under water Image preprocessing by Average filter and a comparison study PDF [FULL TEXT]
Satish Racharla, V Ramu 621-626
Direct Torque Control for Matrix Converter Driven PMSM PDF [FULL TEXT]
B Prakash Yellamelli, P.Sailesh Babu, K. Satyanarayana 627-633
A Survey on Random Grid based Cryptography Schemes PDF [Full Text]
ankita bhimarao patkure, nikita kulkarni 634-637
Review on Data Hiding Schemes into Multimedia Data PDF [Full Text]
Ashwini Gorakh Kamble, Nikita J. Kulkarni 638-641
A Structure of Adaptive Portable Video Streaming and Efficient Social Video Distribution in the Clouds PDF[FULL TEXT]
Praveen Kumar Zupalli, MD Ejaz Ahmad 642-644
Forecast-Founded Haze Bandwidth and Cost Decrease Scheme PDF[FULL TEXT]
K manoj kumar, S Srinivasulu 645-647
Tweet Scrutiny For Fast Communication Reporting PDF[FULL TEXT]
K V Subbaiah, K BalaManikanta 648-650
Acknowledgement based Intrusion-Detection System for MANETS PDF[FULL TEXT]
D Gayathri, M.S.S Sai 651-656

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