Vol 5, No 6 (2017)


Table of Contents


Secure Database as a Service for Cloud Tenants With no Exposure Of Unencrypted Data PDF [Full Text]
Katta Uma Devi, D.Sasi Rekha 576-580
A New Distribute Cryptographic Keys by a Semi-Trusted Certification Authority PDF [Full Text]
Mounica Yedla, B. Prashanth 561-584
Text Classification Techniques to Conduct Automatic Bug Triage PDF [Full Text]
Sunkara Poojitha, M. Sambasiva Rao 585-589
Identifying And Removing Shadow Attacks Based On Password Reuses PDF [Full Text]
Ruksana Khanum, Surya Kiran Chebrolu 590-593
Two Dimensional Data Structure to Record Data Property Information For Dynamic Auditing PDF [Full Text]
Tullimilli Siva Parvathi, Y. Ashok 594-598
A Modified Gradient Boosting Trees Methods To Transform Social Networking Features Into Embeddings PDF [Full Text]
Srinivas Devana, K. Tirumala Reddy 599-602
Conflict Resolution Ethos on Concessions Users for Privacy Preferences PDF [Full Text]
Syed Sunheera, Damarla sri latha 603-606
Accountability in the Design Phase of a Data Transfer Infrastructure PDF [Full Text]
Bhatraju Balaji, G.P Madhuri 607-610
Framework of Matrix Factorization to Achieve Rating Prediction Task PDF [Full Text]
Manepalli Deepika, PottiVenkata Kishore Kumar 611-614
A New Revocable IBE Scheme in the Server Aided Setting PDF [Full Text]
Narra.Geetha Naga Sai, SM Roychoudri 615-618
Bilinear Pairings Technique on Concrete ID-PUIC Protocol PDF [Full Text]
Mandala Prem Srujan, P. Bala Krishna Prasad 619-623
IDDR Scheme for a Potential Based Multi Path Dynamic Routing Algorithm PDF [Full Text]
Rompicherla Sri Ramu, Gudupudi Balaiah 624-627
Efficiency of Text Mining of Accident Narratives By Accessing Predictive Performance PDF [Full Text]
Veloori Chaitanya Lakshmi, P. Bala Krishna Prasad 628-631
Design Evaluation and Analysis of Vapor Compression Cooling Cycle With Change In Span of Condenser PDF [Full Text]
V.N.D.Venkata Ramana, P.Satish Reddy, N.Guru Murthy, M Manoj 632-636
Green Internet Routing Between Traffic Volume and Power Consumption PDF [Full Text]
I. Amulya, K. Sindhuja 637-639
Distributed File System Supporting Parallel Access To Multiple Storage Devices PDF [Full Text]
G Jyothi Naga Devi, A. Srivalli 640-642
A Study to Learn Robust and Discriminative Representation to Tackle Cyber bullying Detection PDF [Full Text]
Diddla Mario Praneeth, G.P Madhuri 643-646
To Improve The Security Of OLSR Routing Protocol Based On Local Detection Of Link Spoofing PDF [Full Text]
Vakkalagadda IndraUsha Rani, K. Tirumala Reddy 652-655
Detection of Masquerade Attacks using Data-Driven Semi-Global Alignment Approach PDF [Full Text]
B.S.R.D Lakshmi, K. L Ganapathi Reddy 656-660
Advances the Forward Security in Parallel Network File System using An Efficient and Reliable Key Exchange Protocols PDF [Full Text]
Kona H S Venkat Vinay, K Prameela 661-666
Enhanced Rank-Estimated Searching for Dimensional Reliance Based on Nearest Neighbor Search PDF [Full Text]
Silla Srinivasrao, K Sameer 667-672
Seven Level Hybrid Neutral Point Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter PDF [Full Text]
D Parvathi Devi, K Anil Kumar 673-679
A New Multilevel Inverter Topology For High Step Up DC-DC Converter PDF [Full Text]
G Aruna, D Srinivas Rao 680-688
A Control Scheme For A 3 –Phase Power Converter With An Unbalanced AC Source PDF [Full Text]
N Gautam Vikas, P Koteswara Rao 689-698
New Multilevel Inverter Topology for Direct GridIntegration of Renewable Energy Systems PDF [Full Text]
M Pranathi, D Revathi 699-703
Predictive Torque Control Scheme for Three-Phase Four-Switch Inverter -Fed Induction Motor Drive PDF [Full Text]
M Aparna, K Naga Tejaswani 704-709
A Novel Controlled Method Of Transformer Less Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM PDF [Full Text]
Jyothirmai Anguluri, K Anil Kumar 710-719
PV Active Power Filter Combination Supplies Power To Non Linear Load PDF [Full Text]
S. Anusha, P Koteswara Rao 720-725
Induction Motor Control With Small DC Link Capacitor Inverter Fed By Three Phase Diode Rectifier PDF [Full Text]
K S Manimala, D Srinivas Rao 726-730
The Need Of Financial Statement Analysis In A Firm/An Orgnization PDF [Full Text]
G Suneetha 731-735
A conceptual Study on various factors relating to technological change in Small Scale Industries PDF [Full Text]
G Suneetha 736-740

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