Vol 3, No 9 (2015)


Table of Contents


CAM: Double Standard Security Mechanism In The Management Cloud Based Mobile Application PDF [Full Text]
Alasandguthi. Ramya Sree, Ch. Koteswara Rao, D. Anandam 403-406
A Novel Approach to Build Reliable and Efficient Query Services in Cloud with RASP Data Perturbation PDF [Full Text]
Mohammad Junaid, V. Padmaja 407-410
Scheduling Cached-Content in Wireless Networks With Elastic and Inelastic Traffic PDF [Full Text]
Syed Ajmal Pasha C, Sayeed Yasin 411-414
Data Mining with Big Data Using HACE Theorem PDF [Full Text]
Pawan P, Trivikram Rao 415-420
Medical Decision Support Using Machine Learning And Natural Language Processing PDF [Full Text]
Bulusu Krishna Sashidhar, Srinivasa Babji Josyula 421-424
Carbon Nanotube based approach on FETs using Ternary Comparator PDF[FULL TEXT]
M Koti Reddy 425-429
Opinion Analyzer over the Web PDF[FULL TEXT]
Raghu Ram Yadav Gajji, K Ravi Kumar 430-433
Latest Trends in Financial Management and Financial services PDF[FULL TEXT]
P Demudu Babu 434-437
Implementing Secure Authorized Deduplication Technique in Hybrid Cloud PDF[FULL TEXT]
Padyala Anusha, G. Syam Prasad 438-442
Modeling and Simulation of Photovoltaic Fed Drive by Using High Voltage Gain DC-DC Boost Converter PDF [Full Text]
Muralidhar A, Peddakapu K 443-449
Assessing Software Reliability Using Exponential Imperfect Debugging Model PDF [Full Text]
B Prameela Rani, A. Srisaila, K. Sita Kumari 450-456
Carp A Novel Approach To Address The Well-Known Image Hotspot Problem In Popular Graphical Password Systems PDF [Full Text]
Nalluri. V.V.Prasad, Y.Adi Lakshmi 457-460
A Novel System for Scalable Data Sharing in Cloud Storage using Key-Aggregate PDF [Full Text]
Nadendla Siva Rama Krishna, Y V V N Vara Prasd 461-465
Comparison of Several MLI Topologies Fed Brushless DC Machine Drive System PDF[FULL TEXT]
K Indu Kumar, I Ramesh 466-471
A Graph theory algorithmic approach to data clustering and its Application PDF [Full Text]
K. Venkatasubramanian, S.K. Srivatsa, C. Parthasarathy 472-476
Structural and Thermal Analysis of Disc Brake With and Without Cross Drilled Rotor PDF [Full Text]
Vijay Dadi, Koteswara Rao K, J Hari Narayana Rao 477-482
Power Maximization of a Photo Voltaic System Using LDRS PDF [Full Text]
E. Ammanna Sastry, M. Satish, A. Satish 483-489
Collective Conviction Based Confidentiality Sustain Endorsement Procedure in Cloud Computing PDF[FULL TEXT]
Saisaran Anumalasetty, I Sapthami 490-494
Design and implementation of Traffic Flow based Street Light Control System with effective utilization of solar energy PDF [Full Text]
M. Abhishek, Syed Ajram Shah, K. Chetan, K.Arun Kumar 495-499
Analysis Of Seven Level Asymmetric Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter PDF [Full Text]
M. Manga Lakshmi, G.D.Sairam Vihari, T.Venkata Parasuram 500-506
Water Pumping Arrangement for Solar PV ImpartialUtilizing PMSM Drive PDF[FULL TEXT]
V.S Lovaraju, S Venkatesh, B Jagannadha Rao 507-511
Dynamic Power channel for force using so as to mold Space Vector Modulation controller PDF[FULL TEXT]
Mutyala Divya, Adabala Devi, Vipparthi Tarak, Urlapu Anil Kumar 512-517
Design and Analysis of Dry Cylinder Liners Used in Diesel Engines PDF [Full Text]
M. Anand Kumar, A.A.V. Prasad Rao, J Hari Narayana Rao 518-526
Protection Assessment of Design Classifiers under Assault PDF[FULL TEXT]
D Srujan Chandra Reddy, S Ajay kumar 527-531
Protection Guarded Secrecy Sustain Access Manipulate Procedure Intended for Relational Data PDF[FULL TEXT]
D Srujan Chandra Reddy, Y Siva Parvathi 532-536
The Quality Demonstration projected in Cloud supervisions PDF[FULL TEXT]
K Sireesha, M Radhika 537-541
Confidential Data with Safeguard Access Control in distributed Cloud Computing PDF[FULL TEXT]
Kota Anusha, K L V G K Murthy 542-546

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