Vol 4, No 12 (2016)


Table of Contents


Haze monitoring in wireless systems using ARM7 controller PDF [Full Text]
S Harithapriya, P Nagaraju 681-686
Empowering Auditing Scheme through more Security signatures in cloud computing PDF [Full Text]
Teeparthi Tejasvi, Sarakula Devanam Priya 687-692
The Multi Owner Data Distribution using Identity Based Encryption on Cloud Storage PDF [Full Text]
V.R.S.S.D Sireesha, A Vishnupriya 693-700
Optimizing Architecture of DSRC Device By Using Component Reuse PDF [Full Text]
B Mounica, N.G.N Prasad 701-709
Area and Power efficient booth’s Multipliers Based on Non-Redundant Radix-4Signed-Digit Encoding PDF [Full Text]
R Bheema Sankaram, P Gopalaswamy 710-715
Determining The Most Comprehensive Method of Material’s Handling For Fabricated Ship’s Blocks PDF [Full Text]
Trisno Susilo, Elvis adril 716-724
Defeating DDoS Attack By Using Software Puzzle Scheme PDF [Full Text]
Ananda Babu Kudupudi, M.Anil Kumar 725-727
Moisture Susceptibility on Asphalt Mix and the Effect of Anti-Stripping Additives PDF [Full Text]
Akash Kumar Naik, Sarmista Padhy 728-735
The Effect of Aggregate Gradation on Design Mix using Modified Bitumen PDF [Full Text]
Akash Kumar Naik, Barsha Baishali Malla 736-744
Speaker Recognition System using Wavelet Transform under Stress Condition PDF [Full Text]
Kshirabdhi Tanaya Biswal, Janmejaya Rout 745-751
Safety prerequisite for coal mine using Wireless Sensor Technique and Artificial Intelligence Technology PDF [Full Text]
Amar Nath Singh, Bikash Narayan Naik 752-755
An Approach to Text Documents Clustering with {n, n-1, ….., 1}-Word(s) Appearance Using Graph Mining Techniques PDF [Full Text]
Bapuji Rao, Saroja Nanda Mishra 756-762
Green cloud computing: A survey PDF [Full Text]
Ashis Behera, Bikram Kesari Ratha, Srinivas Sethi 763-767
Energy-Efficient Real-Time Tasks Scheduling in Cloud Data Centers PDF [Full Text]
Debendra Maharana, Bibhudatta Sahoo, Srinivas Sethi 768-773
Self adaptive controlling mechanism to optimize the efficiency of network implementing Routing –as-a-Service PDF [Full Text]
J. Chandrakanta Badajena, Chinmayee Rout, Shatabdinalini ., Anandita Mohapatra 774-778

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